I'm a computer scientist (not working in the industry anymore, due to permanent bad health). I am *not* an artist, but I do commission a lot of artwork; they can be found in the links section below.

I run an art retweeting and featuring account on Twitter. I also chip away at developing apps for artists and others to use when I am able to.

You can find information about those apps in the Apps page in the main website submenu.

Article about the awful nature of NFTs and crypto

I wrote an in-depth article on the many reasons why NFTs and crypto don't work and are complete scams. It can be found here.

Paper on the unethical nature of 'AI art'

I wrote a detailed, in-depth paper on how AI works, the various reasons why AI art is unethical, and a lot more on the topic. It's intended to be easy to read and not require technical knowledge.

It's a 41 page PDF split into several sections and subsections; you can view or download it here.